How can I get access to and/or ?

Answer: go to and register. See full instructions below. Then you will need to have final access approved by appropriate person for the project/space you are trying to access.

How can I get access to the HPCF?

Answer: go to and register and request subscription to HPCF - NeSi, "Fitzroy", High Performance Computing Facility. See full instructions below.

How can I get access to NIWA's other Online Applications?

See registration and subscription instructions below.

Applies to:

For External Users

Some of NIWA’s online applications or services require you to register with NIWA.


Subscribe to Services

Complete Registration

Complete Subscription

Maintaining your account and subscriptions

If you forget your password or username

Still having problems?

Please log a job with our servicedesk

For Internal Users

If you are a NIWA employee you do not need to register for an external account. You normal NIWA username and password can allow you access to NIWA's online external applications.

But, you may still need to subscribe or request access.

Go to, sign in, and follow the instructions above in the section Subscribe to Services.

The section Complete Subscription above tells you what happens next.