How to access NIWA systems remotely

A number of NIWA services are available to staff from outside of NIWA. Please use the links below.

Mail - A web-based view into your NIWA Outlook mailbox, calendar, and contacts. This can be accessed from any device with a recent browser (Internet Explorer 8+, Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

If you have a mobile device, you can install the Outlook app for iOS and Android 

One.NIWA, Oracle, JIRA, Orca, Servicedesk

Warning - do not use this mode to edit confluence pages - if you need to edit pages, use the "Full access" method below.

Easy access to the following services is available by following this link: Easy access to One.NIWA, Oracle, JIRA, Orca 


Want to access the Quickhelp video training product from home or on the road? Just click here


NIWA staff can manage their travel bookings by visiting 

Full access - VPN

Launch the VPN client software to provide access as if you're within the NIWA network (to access your network drives, files,and internal web services).

VPN software is installed on all NIWA-issued desktops, in your task tray right-click the Pulse Secure icon > NIWA SSL VPN > Connect

Otherwise, following this link: Full access 


Accessing OneDrive and SharePoint resources

You can access your OneDrive files and SharePoint resources remotely. As these are cloud based services you wont even need to VPN into our network. Access these as usual from your NIWA device, or your own personal devices by visiting and signing in with your NIWA credentials - "Multi Factor Authentication" (MFA) is required, and this was setup as part of our deployment of OneDrive (but if you haven't yet, following this link to setup it up:

A guide for setting up MFA can be found here as part of our OneDrive documentation.

I need help! Some thing's not working! Your computer doesn't meet the security requirements.

A handy guide on how to fix these issues is here.

If you are still unable to connect and need urgent assistance, please phone the Service Desk on  If you're overseas, please consider any time difference before dialing. For less-urgent (usually next-day) response, please email .

I'm an external user and I'm having issues accessing NIWA web services

You will find relevant information on the External Users Help page.