I need access to something!

A number of NIWA services are available from outside NIWA. Please use the links below. Some of these require individual setup so may not work for you without first contacting NIWA IT.

Webmail - A web-based view into your NIWA Outlook mailbox, calendar, and contacts.


Easy access to One.NIWA, Oracle and JIRA - No software to download; get easy secure access to One.NIWA, Oracle Financials, JIRA and Chris21.


Full access - Launch the VPN client software to provide access as if you're within the NIWA network(access your drives and files).


I need help! Some thing's not working!

You can have a look at the self help here. If you need urgent assistance, please phone the Service Desk on +64-7-8591888. If you're overseas, please consider any time difference before dialling. For less-urgent (usually next-day) response, please email [email protected].

I'm an external user

You will find relevant information on the External Users Help page.