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  • 2019 QGIS/Postgres training.
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2018 has passed with only one QGIS training workshop at NIWA... my apologies for those who asked but have not yet attended a workshop. I'm now promising another, early in 2019, pretty much as a repeat of the last one.

This workshop is an introduction to GIS & GIS concepts using QGIS, sometime in Feb 2019, NIWA, Greta Point, Wellington. It will cover basic layers, data types, data sources, projections, and comprise a half hour presentation, followed by about an hour of hands on data visualisation with QGIS accessing files and web services.

Email me if you are interested: [email protected]

This one will be a repeat of the last one, which had about 20 attendees, mostly NIWA staff.. It was described as "great", "awesome" & "very useful" in feedback, so very positive. There are about 10 or so people who were interested but couldn't get to this one, so I'm planning a repeat in a few weeks. If anyone who has not yet contacted me is interested in this, please let me know. The hands on went on for about 1.5-2 hours, working through various topics with real examples.

Feel free to add to this list, with any suggestions for aspects you are interested in learning more about. I know there are others in NIWA who use these tools, and hope that they will also help train and mentor NIWA staff to grow the use of these tools in NIWA. The initial list is from emails from staff who have contacted me about this training. I note that some of these topics are outside my expertise, but there are other NIWA staff I'm aware of that I can ask to cover most of these.

QGIS topics (covered as prioritised by attendees).

General introduction for GIS newbie

Finding and opening files, databases and OGC web services to add them to my QGIS map

General introduction for Arc user/previous GIS user

Access to remote Specify databases

Creating/plotting polygons representing (and derived from) my point data

Creating and using polygons to select subsets of data

Data visualisation, [publication] quality maps (print composer)

How to create plugins using Python

Creating and using shapefiles

Working with aerial imagery and video data

Postgres (Postgis) topics.

How to get data from the fisheries trawl database.

Long term data management [basic principles, data modelling, database design]

Design/create/populate/manage my own databases

Database query and analysis

Scripted (R, Python, shell) access to Postgres databases 

Spatial data (Postgis) background and fundamentals

 Multiple projections in Postgis


If anyone is interested in any of these topics, please let me know.