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Interested Parties: Michelle GreenwoodAslan Wright-Stow, Brian Smith, Richard StoreyBrent WoodMike Mcmurtry



The MCI score is a indicator that can be calculated for a set of invertebrate observations, typically for a site. Each individual invertebrate taxa is given a score (through a lookup), and the score for the site is calculated as weighted average based on the individual scores, taken into account the number of individual per observations.

Two types of scores and hence indicators can be calculated: for "hard-bottom" and "soft-bottom" environments. These are provided as separate scores per taxa.


Idea / Proposal

  • Develop a demonstration tool that automatically calculates MCI based on 
    • a set Invertebrate Occurrence datasets provided GBIF/BSS compliant - either as a occurrence.txt DwC file or this file through an IPT server; and 
    • a MCI score dataset also provided GBIF/BSS compliant data source - either as a identification.txt DwC file or this file through an IPT server
  • Note: Critically, the source datasets need to include NZOR IDs!
  • Develop the demonstration tool backend in R, possibly a r-shiny UI, possibly a QGIS implementation, possibly a Excel plugin???



  1. Michelle to send around the invertebrate species list & score sheet she has and team to check.
  2. Check this list against TRS and NZOR and update both -> to have unique identifiers for each taxa. 
  3. Find a way to store taxa-score lookup table in DwC compatible format.
  4. Write a R procedure that:
    1. connects to set of DwC data sources
    2. connects to a taxa-score data source
    3. does the calculation and writes a file (maybe also DwC compliant??)
  5. Write a "web wrapper" for above





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