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Step 1: Formatting your data according to Darwin Core Standards

Data Mapping - create an mapping (including transformations) of your data structures against Darwin Core fields.

This can be done (1) by looking at the terms in the BSS Guide and matching fields against your data fields or by (2) looking at your data fields and finding equivalent Darwin Core Fields.This step includes finding matching fields and identifying the required transformations.
A template is available from GBIF. 

Implement this mapping as a (SQL) view in your database

Resources: BSS Guide; Darwin Core Terms Reference


Step 2: Use consistent species identifiers.

In New Zealand, we have the New Zealand Organisms Register.  

Match your taxa list against NZOR. This can be done through the NZOR matching service.


Step 3: Dataset Metadata Preparation

This template can help in creating the right metadata for each record.


Step 4: Create a IPT resource (database) on the IPT server

Login to the IPT server.

Create your metadata record (Step 3).

Create link to / upload datasource (Step 1).


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