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The BSS implementation work stream, conducted between April and December 2015, aims at federating a set of bio data sources by participating agencies through the developed BSS Code of Practice as Darwin Core Archives through IPT servers. This is to demonstrate data federation of primary bio data.

Project Team and Roles

Project Leader: Mike McMurtry; Senior Support: Jochen Schmidt

Auckland Core Contact:  Mike McMurtry; Senior Support: Simon Tredgett

Horizons Core Contact: Manas Chakraborty, Sean Hodges; Senior Support: Jon Roygard/James Lambie

Hawkes Bay Regional Council Core Contact: Jeff Cooke; Senior Support: Ian Maxwell

DOC Core Contact: Benno Kappers, Karen Vincent; Senior Support: Allan Ross

Southland Core Contact: Neil de Jong; Senior Support: John Prince/Richard Bowman

Greater Wellington Council Core Contact: Jon Marks, Summer Greenfield; Senior Support: Lian Butcher

NIWA DWC/IPT Expert Support: Jane Robbins; Senior Support: Jochen Schmidt

Landcare DWC/IPT Expert Support: Aaron Wilton; Senior Support: Nick Spencer


How we will achieve our goal?

  • The project leader will organize a number of workshops with the partner agencies core contacts.
  • At these workshops we will work with the local subject matter experts (identified by core contacts) on "formatting" of the data sources identified per agency in the BSS format. This should involve changing / adapt internal processes.
  • Senior Support Staff will support the subject matter experts in spirit and resources in this exercise.
  • NIWA and Landcare experts are at hand to support local subject matter experts in their endeavours.
  • NIWA and Landcare IPT servers are available for publishing the data sources. We note that we would prefer for agencies setting up their own managed IPT servers (as demonstrated by Horizons Council) but NIWA and Landcare servers are available.

Goal is to have a range of data sources in consistent format published. 

This will enable us to easily "mix and mingle" the different datasets for different client applications, such as LAWA, QGIS, AgResearch Weeds Project.


The report on this project work stream can be found here.







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