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This article describes a NIWA QGIS prototype plugin ("REC2") to enable simple upstream and downstream search on the New Zealand River Network (also called "River Environment Classification, version 2"). This plugin can be obtained and installed from the QGIS Official Plugin Repository under (search for "REC").

Ensure QGIS is configured to use your network - proxy settings correct, etc.

On the main menu, click Plugins -> Manage and install Plugins, make sure it is displaying All pluggins

Scroll down to REC2, click this, then the Install button. QGIS should now have a REC2 option on the main menu bar.

Follow the instructions below to use the NIWA REC2 plugin with this plugin (and the upstream/downstream search display capability)

Step-by-step guide


  1. Have QGIS and the "REC2" plugin installed (as above).

  2. Click REC2 -> Setup -> OK; REC network will be displayed
  3. Zoom to area of interest

  4. Click REC2->Upstream/Downstream Search; and click on select reach button

  5. Click on Reach on Network

  6. Click "Search Upstream" or "Search downstream" - the traced reaches will be added as new layers

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  1.  More Information

If you are going to use this, then for a more complete map you will want to do two things AFTER you start the REC2 plugin as described above.