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  • Viewing fisheries acoustic transects and echograms

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Now we overlay the WFS service of fisheries acoustic transect lines. NIWA provides this service as part of its Open Data programme, in association with the Ministry for Primary Industry. There are four layers provided by this service - you must use use TransectAll_180 in this map. It has over 16,000 transects, so can take a few seconds to load.

The WFS service URL is:


With the background layers and the WFS layer TransectAll_180 opened, you should see a map looking something like the one below (left). If you zoom in, for example to the NE Chatham Rise, you will see sets of short transects centered on a pint, like spokes on a wheel (middle) - these are small undersea hills, generally old volcanos, that commercial fish species like orange roughy and oreos often school around. There are also echograms of hoki associated with canyons, like Cook Strait (right) and the Hokitika Canyon.


The name I've given it is "echogram", the command the action sends depends on your operating system & preference (cut and paste the appropriate one below):

Linux: eom xviewer "[% "atlas_id" %]&SERVICE_REQUEST_PASSKEY=public"