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A draft case for a BDI can be found here.


It is recommended to setup set up a national infrastructure which

  1. supports the further development and ongoing maintenance of bio data standards (as demonstrated by the BSS project), this ensures that data providers publish their data to standards;
  2. establishes and maintain a national registry service for bio data sources / service endpoints, this ensures data sources can be discovered by end users;
  3. supports a national facility for maintaining taxonomic concepts, as championed in line with international best practice, such as that provided by the New Zealand Organisms Register (NZOR), this enable organisations to publish their species data to a common standard;
  4. establishes and maintains a national vocabulary / register for bio data methods, this enable organisations to annotate their bio data with a common methodology;
  5. establishes and maintains a national vocabulary for observation names and units, this enables organisations to publish their observations to a common standard;
  6. establishes and maintains a national framework including a linked data URI policy to support national vocabulary services.