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  • How to plot a species distribution on a simple map of New Zealand from an Excel file

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    1. Click on Project in top menu bar

    2. Click on Project Properties

    3. Search for WGS 84 / Mercator 41 EPSG:3994

    4. Enable ‘on the fly’ CRS by ensuring the box is checked.

3.   Add a new vector layer


    1. Right-click on bathymetry layer, select Properties, click on the Query builder
    2. Double-click on “DEPTH” and the = button
    3. Click to show All layers
    4. Double-click on the depth contour you want to plot on the map
    5. Click OR, then select the next depth etc…
    6. Click test, Ok, apply and OK



Zooming into the map near Wellington looks like this:

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And my final map with just a single species, just a few bathymetry lines, and some nicer colours for the land and data points looks like this:

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