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  1. If you want to mannually add any of the colour ramps you find on the cpt-city web site, you need to add the Plugin SVG2ColoR, 
  2. After you've added the Plugin, Click on the colour ramp you want, right click on the SVG, and 'Save link as' and save the .svg file somewhere.
  3. Open your new SVG2coloR Plugin, browse to your just saved .svg file and then click 'export', then save that as an .xml file
  4. Select the 'Settings' tab back in QGIS, then 'Style manager', then the 'colour ramp' tab, the 'share' button at the bottom of the window, then 'import'
  5. Browse to the .xml file you just saved the colour ramp as, click on it in the window then click 'import'. 
  6. Your new colour ramp from cpt-city is now ready to use, and added to your other QGIS colour ramps.