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The wider QGIS community already has several mailing lists that are free to join, and provide an invaluable resource for help, advice and answers to questions, (QGIS mailing lists), but for questions or comments that are more relevant within a local context, NIWA is hosting a NIWA QGIS User Group mailing list, which is open for any QGIS users to join (not just for NIWA staff). 


NOTE: due to recent security updates at NIWA self registration is not possible (for now)... email [email protected] and I'll add you as a user.

  1. Go to list server home page
  2. Enter your email address & optionally your name/nickname & password
  3. Click "Subscribe."

You should get an email requesting you confirm your subscription. Any After subscribing, any email sent to qgis-[email protected][email protected] will be forwarded to all subscribers.