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NIWA is taking advantage of Josh Berkus from PG Experts being in New Zealand in January 2015, to have him host a workshop on Postgresql database replication on 20th January.



Update: 14th Jan...

Josh has asked me to let everyone know that the new version of the tutorial materials are ready, and have been
pushed to GitHub and Docker Hub (for the docker image).
You can install these now - as described below.

PLEASE INSTALL AND TEST BEFORE THE WORKSHOP! We want to learn about replication, not spend time getting the session environment working...

Note that if you do come prepared, you will leave with a working replicated demo on your laptop.

I understand that Linux & Mac users are less likely to have problems than Windows users.


If anyone does have problems, Catalyst IT are setting up some cloud based VM's where people can undertake the workshop sessions in a NIWA space in the Catalyst IT cloud. The downside of using these is that non-NIWA staff will not have access to these once the workshop is over. Windows users should just need putty installed to SSH to these. Please let us know ASAP if you want to use one of these.

We will provide printed copies of Josh's exercise notes for all attendees.


See you all there!





Postgresql, a popular, powerful and robust Object Relational Database Management System - ORDBMS - (along with Postgis) is a core part of NIWA's strategy for environmental data management. As such, it is very tightly integrated with NIWA's internal and external data discovery and delivery systems, as the foundation upon which many of these services are built.