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  • 2019 QGIS/Postgres training.

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The first session in this series is an introduction to GIS & GIS concepts using QGIS, on 2 Oct, 09:30, NIWA Greta Point, Wellington. It will cover basic layers, data types, data sources, projections, and comprise a half hour presentation, followed by about an hour of hands on data visualisation with QGIS accessing files and web services.

Email me if you are interested:



Feel free to add to this list, with any suggestions for aspects you are interested in learning more about. I know there are others in NIWA who use these tools, and hope that they will also help train and mentor NIWA staff to grow the use of these tools in NIWA. The initial list is from emails from staff who have contacted me about this training. I note that some of these topics are outside my expertise, but there are other NIWA staff I'm aware of that I can ask to cover most of these.