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  • Viewing fisheries acoustic transects and echograms

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One of the tools provided in QGIS, is the Actions tool (originally developed by Gavin Macaulay at NIWA some years ago). This allows you to have QGIS issue a system command, with parameters passed from the feature in the map that you click on. In this example, one of the data fields associated with each transect is the "Atlas ID". Atlas is NIWA's image management library. Atlas has a web based tool allowing you to request an image, given the Atlas ID of the image. This describes how to create an Action which will retrieve the echogram image for the transect you clicked on in QGIS. You should ensure you do not click on the map over a point with many transects crossing - QGIS will iterate through them all, retrieving and displaying each image.



Create the QGIS action to retrieve and view echograms.

Generally a Linux system will have a tool like Eye of Gnome (or Eye of Mate) already installed on your computer. You can use any image viewer that accepts a URL as well as a local file as the image to display. On my Linux Mint system, the command is eom (for Eye of Mate).