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  • Kisters-TIDEDA Interoperability Experiment
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This experiment is to test if and how

integrates with

  • the NIWA Water Resources Archive (TIDEDA)

First goal is to produce a KIWIS based SOS server on top of the NIWA TIDEDA database containing (public parts of) the Water Resources Archive.

NIWA project charge code: EIID1301 / INTEROP


  • NIWA components:
    • NIWA SIMS database and server: contains site meta information and TIDEDA file information
      PostgresSQL Sitting on Indian and Pacific.
    • NIWA TIDEDA Server for public Data.
      • Virtual Windows Server containing File System of TIDEDA Files and installed tideda DLLs.
      • The Virtual OS is old and need to be replaced soon bya new server?
      • The TIDEDA files and directory Structure on this server is build by a process operated by Tony Hill from NIWA's WRA Raw data archive at regular intervals.
        • Note: this process needs updating as it does not fully reproduce the RDA structure which is consistent with SIMS.
  • Kisters Components:
    • KISTERS KIWIs installed on a NIWA server (raven) to serve Web services.
    • KISTERS WDP - software to interface between KIWIs and SIMS/TIDEDA.
      • needs to sit on same windowd server where tideda (dll) sit
      • needs to talk to SIMS and a extra PostgresDB (on Indian and Pacific)

Required Actions

  • NIWA to implement a test server to install WDL on and give admin access for Tony Hill, tdb by NIWA IT, led by Brent Wood. DECISION not to do that 
  • NIWA will use the current DENZ server for installation of that test system. Stephan Hoppe (NIWA IT) believes server is robust enough. DONE
  • NIWA to implement process to copy public TIDEDA data as KIWIS archive on server, tbd by Tony Hill. DONE
  • NIWA to install WDL on server, tbd by Tony Hill, assisted by Martin. DONE
  • NIWA/Kisters to configure WDL, tbd by Tony Hill/Martin Kosmalla. ? 
  • NIWA / Kisters to install Kiwis on SIMS server. ?
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1 Comment

  1. Hi Jochen,

    the installation process is quite simple. Just follow the installer.
    This can be done by anyone, no experience is needed.
    The only step where some experience is required is to set up the WDP properties after installation process.
    You need to know the JDBC connection parameter to SIMS and WDP-admin database, and the root folder of DLL's and TiDeDa data sources.

    WDP has his own JRE so the only dependency is an available connection to SIMS/adminDB and existing TiDeDa files on the server.