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Federation of weeds occurrence data demonstrated.

By December 2014, at least six BSS participating organisations have published weeds occurrence data according to the draft BSS guidelines.

Web application(s) demonstrate how this data can be combined to provide a cross-regional picture of weeds occurrence.

Note: Stretch goal would be to also to federate other data types, e.g. invertebrate occurrence data.

Note: Other agencies are encouraged to join into the prototype development.

BSS standards and guidelines document developed

By June 2015, a BSS final standards document has been developed, which describes the standards and infrastructure necessary for data providers to integrate their species occurrence data into BSS, provides guidelines for implementation, and describes how client application can be built against the standard.


  • Standards have been developed for how to federate species occurrence data.
  • These are initially developed based on weeds data use cases, but also considering information from other work streams as available, and will in their final version cover all BSS use cases (birds, weeds, invertebrates, freshwater fish).
  • Prototypes for core central / national BSS infrastructure have been developed.
  • Participating agencies have been implemented the required infrastructure based on the weeds data use case.
  • Applications demonstrate combining weeds occurrence data into a cross-regional picture of weeds occurrence.
  • Clear guidelines have been developed on the required federation infrastructure (web services, software, etc.) that data provides need to implement.

Core Team

(suggested, team members and “supervisors”)

  • Alistair Ritchie & Nick Spencer, Aaron Wilton (David MS, Jerry Cooper), Landcare
  • Jane Robbins (Andrew Watkins, Brent Wood), NIWA
  • Benno Kappers (Allan Ross), DoC
  • Sean Hodges (Brent Watson), Horizons
  • James Dare (Richard Bowman), Southland
  • Graeme Bourdot, AgResearch (Key stakeholder – development of a national weeds DB)

Work Plan


By when

By Whom

Infrastructure Work stream team members invited to / attend use-case workshops (as available).

Workshops scheduled by 15th April

4-5 Workshops conducted during May 2014

James Lambie, Jochen Schmidt

Draft species occurrence data standards and metadata standards developed based on used weeds case.

  • Identify minimum required fields and metadata
  • Based on DwC
  • Required conventions and vocabularies identified.


June 2014

Jane Robbins

Workshop of work stream team members, based on use-cases developed so far.

July 2014

Team, Jochen to organize

Guidelines on implementation of exchange standard

  • How to implement national conventions?
  • How to implement national vocabularies?
  • How is web services architecture implemented?
    WxS? IPT?


August 2014

(tba), with feedback from work group

Necessary core conventions and vocabularies implemented as prototypes

September 2014


Draft standards and guidelines documents published to participating organisations.

September 2014


Provider Services implemented

November 2014

Note: assistance from James Lambie / Mike McMurty might be required

Demonstration Weeds Application functional

December 2014


Workshop reviewing learnings and standards so far

February 2015

Team, Jochen to organize

Final draft of standards and guidelines

April 2015

(tba), with feedback from work group

Peer review of draft

June 2015


Final standards and guidelines document published

July 2015

(tba), with feedback from work group

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