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Collection of resources and projects on biodata standards related to the development of a New Zealand BSS Standard


Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network GEO BON. Coordinate the gathering and delivery of biodiversity change information at the global scale.

EUBON work:

Gbif Restful services: ttp://

ALA (Atlas of Living Australia):


ALA Collections and regsitry sercvice:

Natural Collections Descriptions Group - NCD:
NCD is a standard between the general resource discovery standards such as Dublin Core, and the rich collections description standards such as EAD. Mappings enable the extraction of a Dublin Core record from an NCD record or, conversely, filling out an NCD record into an EAD record.

The Global Registry of Biorepositories (GRBio) web services:

GBIF Knowledge Organization System (KOS)


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