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  • Webinar 04-Apr-2013
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On 04 April 2013 the FIFM project team held a webinar to provide an update the project including demonstrating the OMS3 framework under on-going development by the US Department of Agriculture and Colorado State University, results of preliminary testing of OMS3 in a New Zealand context, and discussion of where to from here with the current project and model interoperability in general in New Zealand.

Below are links to the presentations given, a recording of the webinar, a list of potential topics for future sessions, and a list of participants.

Presentations (all MS Powerpoint presentations)

Recording of the Webinar

(Meeting ID:  6197, PIN probably not required: 5555)

Potential Topics for Future Sessions

  • Big data
  • Component interface – starting from scratch
  • Deployment - What is the consequence of having something as a web service
  • End user applications
  • How variants of a model are put together and then deployed – different user interfaces
  • Multi-time scale modelling
  • Model delivery and utilities
  • OMS3 & .Net operability
  •  OMS3 Technical Session (i.e. more on the guts of OMS3)
  •  Web services/OMS3 best practices

List of Participants

Note: Not all participants were present for the entire webinar and some participants might not have been noted.

By Last NameOrganisations Represented
  1. Dan Borman (Waikato Regional Council)
  2. Craig Briggs (Waikato Regional Council)
  3. David Burger (DairyNZ)
  4. Kathleen Crisley (Environment Canterbury)
  5. Olaf David (Colorado State University)
  6. Tim Davie (Environment Canterbury)
  7. Sandy Elliot (NIWA)
  8. Robert Gibb (Landcare Research)
  9. Simon Guest (AgResearch)
  10. David Hamilton (University of Waikato)
  11. Alex Herzig (Landcare Research)
  12. Trevor Knopp (Landcare Research)
  13. Petula Lau (NIWA)
  14. Linda Lilburne (Landcare Research)
  15. Jingli Lu (AgResearch)
  16. Gerald Rhys (MPI)
  17. Daniel Rutledge (Landcare Research)
  18. David Scott (Environment Canterbury)
  19. Jo Sharp (Plant &Food Research)
  20. Greg Sneath (Fertiliser Association of NZ)
  21. Val Snow (AgResearch)
  22. Mike Toews (GNS)
  23. Gaby Turek (NIWA)
  24. Marjan van den Belt (Ecological Economics Research NZ, Massey University)
  25. Trevor Webb (Landcare Research)
  26. Karen Wilson (Environment Southland)
  27. Simon Woodward (Lincoln Agritech)
  1. AgResearch
  2. DairyNZ
  3. Ecological Economics Research NZ
  4. Environment Canterbury
  5. Environment Southland
  6. Fertiliser Association of NZ
  7. GNS
  8. Landcare Research
  9. Lincoln Agritech
  10. Massey University
  11. MPI
  12. NIWA
  13. Plant & Food Research
  14. University of Waikato
  15. Waikato Regional Council




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