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  • Project Leaders Planning Meeting 13-Sep-2010
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Interoperable models Whiteboard notes 13 Sept 2010

(with occasional additional notes from Sandy)

Steering group

Potential members:

David Johns (DairyNZ)

John Leathwith (DOC). Daniel to follow up on DOC contacts

Gerals Rys (MAF)

Karlheinz (MfE)

Justing Daw (MSI)

We need to contact these people, obtain letter of commitment, have a meeting by mid-December to kick off.

Dan to contact Sizi Kerr to ask about common reference groups

Plan for first period:

Initial list of frameworks and desired technical attributes

List candidates

Collate info on frameworks and package appropriately

Distribute material before workshop

Workshop April/May

Write up workshop by End June

Potential Frameworks

APSIM (CSIRO Queensland DPI); OpenMI (DHI…); Seamless (Waginngen); E2/Time/Source Catchments; IPCC Groups

OOMF (USDA, Fort Collins)

We should undertake an internal stocktake of current and potential techniques and development directions for each of the contributing CRI’s

Dan, Val, Sandy to identify suitable collaboration software.

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