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  • NIWA EI infrastructure relevant to IFM
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This page is to discuss the NIWA EI infrastructure relevant to IFM.

NIWA Databases

NIWA maintains a range of (partially nationally significant) databases and collections.


  • Relevant observation station timeseries data
    • SIMS - contains station metadata and (for river flow stations) timeseries metadata.
      We are currently working on making it the central mandatory register for all (semi-) permanent field installation NIWA does.
      SIMS should contain only station information and be a station index. The Timeseries Databases (below) should contain the link to the stations.   
    • Climate Database - contains weather station data and other long-term climate records from around the country.
      Accessible through a web interface and a web-based scriptable query mechanism (curl).
    • Water Resources Archive - contains River Flow Data from around the country.
      Currently does not contain timeseries meta. Needs to be able to do that at some stage.
  • Relevant ad-hoc survey data
    • Frehwater BioData Information System (FBIS) - contains freshwater bio survey data from around the country.
      currently under redevelopment. 
    • WQIS - contains water quality data from the 77 NRWQN sites
      currently under redevlopment
  • Relevant NIWA spatial DB
    Note: We are currently developing a central archive for those.
    • River Environmental Classification
    • DEMs
    • Estuarine Classification
    • Coastal Classification
    • ...

Note: the specific nature of the NIWA DB should not matter for as we want to make the data accessible through delivery mechanisms which are independent of the nature of the underlying DBs.

NIWA EI Delivery mechanisms

NIWA EI Standard Webservices 

NIWA EI is planing to define and implement a range of standard webservices which sit "on top" of our DB.

These standards will be based as much as possible on international standards.

A data catalogue has been developed 

These standards can be used by any (web-based) client and will contain an authorisation scheme.

  • Catalogue web services (CSW) for general data discovery.
  • Geospatial layer webservice (WMS) for Geospatial layers and images
  • Geospatial feature webservice for Geospatial data
  • Webservices for images / photographs
  • Observation station meta data webservices (CSW, WFS, SoS)
  • Timeseries Metadata webservices (CSW, WFS, SoS)
  • Timeseries Data webservices
  • ...

NIWA EI Delivery Tools

NIWA EI is planing to develop a number of web-enabled delivery mechanisms for quick display of environmental information based on the above webservices.

  • webmap display
  • timeseries data display
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