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The pages used to hold Model and Framework catalog entries are controlled by template pages.
The documentation on how to create scaffolding templates can be found here: Customware Scaffolding Plugin

To modify the templates go to the menu Browse| Advanced and find the 'Templates' Tab. This will list the templates in the space including Model and Framework
Click edit on the options menu to edit the template.

To add a new text field add code like this

|| Intended purpose | {text-data:IntendedPurpose|type=area|width=500px|height=100px} {text-data} |

The || starts the first column of the table and is followed by the item label.
the | starts the second and subsequent columns
The {text-data} macro creates a text entry field, see the documentation for the other entry field types.
The first parameter :IntendedPurpose is the key for the data field. This is what you can use in reports to get the data back.
The type can be line or area depending on the amount of text you want to add.
width and height are obvious, keep the width to 500px to keep alignment with the rest of the template.

Do not duplicate key names.

Save the template. If you now edit new or existing pages based on the template it will show the new fields.

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