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IFM:Water Physical Stock Account


Freshwater models require monitoring data or the output from other models for input and calibration. Methods to obtain suitable data therefore forms a part of an interoperable modelling project. This page summarises what data is available for freshwater models, standards for exchanging data, and initiatives to make data more organised, discoverable, and available.

A good place to start to learn what data is available is the Statistics New Zealand Stocktake for the Environmental Domain Plan (PDF). This document lists all relevant data on the environment related to ten topics: Climate Change, Atmosphere, Freshwater, Marine, Land, Materials and Waste, Energy, Mineral Resources, Ecosystems and Biodiversity, and Environmental Protection Effort.

Systems and Initiatives to make data more organised, discoverable, and available

Statistics New Zealand Stocktake for the Environmental Domain Plan

NIWA data catalogue

Koordinates repository for geospatial data

LRIS environmental and geospatial data portal, Landcare Research portal, powered by Koordinates

New Zealand Geospatial StrategyGeospatial Strategy Document  and SDI Cookbook

LINZ Spatial Data Infrastructure page
LINZ catalogue of publicly-funded geospatial data Geodata

NIWA data initiatives relevant to IFM 

BestGrid data fabric

Relevant Data Available for Freshwater Models

The table below summarised datasets relevant to freshwater modelling.  Full information, including external links, is provided in a Data Description Page for each dataset that can be accessed by following the links in the first column.

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