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Minutes: Interoperable Freshwater Models Advisory Group Meeting

14 March 2011, 9:30 a.m.

Land Information New Zealand

Level 11, Lambton House

160 Lambton Quay


Present: Gerald Rys (MAF) , John Leathwick (DOC), Reece Hill (EW), John Forne (LINZ), John Phillips (MfE), Emma Blade (MSI), Ben White (LINZ), Sandy Elliott (NIWA), Val Snow (AgResearch), Daniel Rutledge (Landcare Research)

Apologies: David Johns, Isabella Cawthorn

The project goals and progress were reviewed (Sandy Elliott). A wiki has been set up and is being populated with models and frameworks. A workshop is planned in June.

Feedback and Actions

-           The Land and Water Forum suggested that a database of freshwater data should be prepared. But it is not clear who is going to do this – probably no MfE. This relates to the IFM project because we need organised access to data for the framework. GeoNet web-based service is an example of web-accessible data.

-           We need to be cognisant of initiatives in other areas, including Land and Water Forum recommendations, linkages to MfE and other policy levels. ACTION : Make a presentation to the Land and Water Secretariat. [Clive Howard-Williams to assist]

-           ACTION: Include information on data sources on the IFM wiki  [Elliott]. Include links to StatsNZ metadatabase.

-           ACTION: Follow up with Beat Huser about what models he has reviewed. He is doing a review under EnviroLink. Also, follow up with Marjan van der Belt as she is doing an inventory of models.

-           ACTION: Include a matrix of data sources and model requirements in the model/framework review-synthesis document.

-           We need some means/criteria by which the frameworks should be evaluated. Comment: this will be done as part of the user needs process and framework assessment process for next year.

-           ACTION: State on the wiki what are the principles and aims of the project. Put this on the front page.

-           Workshop:

  • State the aims and principles at the start (ease of use, cost, open-access) to set some boundaries for the discussion.
  • Circulate information about the project to workshop participants before the workshop
  • Get feedback before the workshop so that people are not coming in cold, and also to give people an opportunity to canvas their organisations. Questions such: what do they want? What should the system be able to do. Send this to different organisations.
  • Geospatial Office can advertise the workshop
  • Hold it in Wellington
  • Acknowledge previous workshops when advertising – what makes this one different?
  • Get a professional facilitator
  • Invite industry people: e.g. Ballance, Ravensdown, FertRsearch, MRP, Engineering consultants (e.g. SKM), Irrigation NZ

-           Agreed: We need to take international models into account when scoping out when doing the conceptual mapping of models. Not enough just to cater for NZ models, because international models could be useful in the framework.

-           ISO feature model and standards would be useful for this project (GML, WaterML, GeoML). ACTION : Follow up with John Forne re standards [Elliott].



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