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Welcome everyone to the first page of what I hope will be a useful and developing resource for the IFM project. The project poses some interesting technical challenges and I am greatly looking forward to our initial workshops.

For this space to work effectively everyone needs a little commitment, first to ensuring that all involved have access and knowledge of the site. NIWA staff are signed up by default, subcontractors and other organisations need to send requests to be added to the group. These requests should be emailed to Sandy or myself. [email protected].

Next, the software we are using here Atlassian Confluence is a very capable and easy to use wiki system. Anyone can create new pages or blog posts. The structure and arrangement of pages can be easily adjusted as more pages are added and the entire space or parts of it can easily be output as web pages, pdfs or MS Word documents. I recommend unfamiliar users spend a little time in the User Guide ('s+Guide).

Confluence supports the embedding of MS Office documents using {viewxls}, {viewdoc} and {viewpdf} macros. But on the whole I recommend putting your content directly into the wiki as it is easier to search and develop.

Regards Andrew

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