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Welcome to the HPCF User Documentation.  This is the place to find useful information and tips about using the platforms currently offered by the High Performance Computing Facility.  While we will strive to cover as many topics and issues as possible, there will undoubtly be things that we miss.  If so, please feel free to contact the Service Desk with your query, problem or issue.  Please remember to add HPCF to the subject line in your email to the Service Desk so that your request is re-routed to HPCF personnel.  Thanks!

User Guides

  1. NIWA External user help and registration for assistance with the NIWA User Managemnt service
  2. FitzRoy
  3. Linux Blades - currently not available
  4. list of centrally supported software
    1. on FitzRoy
    2. on the Linux Blades
  5. information about some commonly run programs

*A new more comprehensive user for the FitzRoy cluster has just been released.


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