This wiki provides information from the NIWA Eutrophication Risk Assessment research programme. The aim of the programme was to conduct experiments and field observations on the response of aquatic plants, stream and river periphtyon, phytoplankton, and estuarine macroalgae to nutrients, and to develop tools to assess risks of eutrophication at catchment scale.

The programme ran from October 2016 to June 2020, and was funded under Ministry for Business and Innovation Strategic Science Investment funding. Some projects components are continuing after this date, so the wiki may be updated in the future. 

Key sections of the wiki are:

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Programme Contributors:

Sandy Elliott (Leader) [email protected]

Amanda Valois

Amy Whitehead

Anika Kuczynski

Ben Woodward

Bob Wilcock

Bruce Dudley

Cathy Kilroy

Chris Hickey

Craig Depree

David Plew

Fleur Matheson

Georgia Thomson-Laing (Cawthron)

Ian Hawes (University of Waikato)

Jeffery Ren

John Quinn

John Zeldis

Kit Rutherford

Laura Kelly (Cawthron) 

Louis Skovsholt

Mike Martin

Neill Barr

Oonagh Daly

Piet Verburg

Sharleen Yalden

Susie Wood (Cawthron)

Theo Mouton

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